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The Mont Cenis Fell Railway

Truro : Twelveheads Press, 1999.
Pagine 92. Cm. 28x22.
ISBN 978-0-906294-41-3

Dalla quarta pagina di copertina: "This is the quite remarkable story of how a group of British entrepreneurs put a railway over an Alpine pass nearly 7,000 ft high in the 1860s, to provide the first rail link between France and Italy. They used the central rail system which John Barraclough Fell developed for the Mont Cenis Railway to climb 1 in 12 gradients, and when the railway was opened in 1868 it was the world's first mountain railway.
Yet it was no more than a temporary measure, to serve until a tunnel at low level could be completed. It ran for only three and a half years. Nevertheless it strongly influenced mountain railway development, and itself was so soundly built that there are still many traces to be found of it.
Details of MCR locomotives, rolling stock, train services and traffic are all included in this book. Despite the early period which it covers, the book is fully illustrated, many of the illustrations being in origin contemporary with the railway itself."

Introductory notes6
Sommaire en Français6
Riassunto in Italiano6
Chapter I. The pass itself7
Chapter II. Through a tunnel, or over the top?12
Chapter III. Forming the company and building the line29
Chapter IV. Open at last46
Chapter V. The completion of the tunnel61
Chapter VI. Locomotives and rolling stock65
Chapter VII. The aftermath76
Sources & bibliography86

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